The gold standards for tree care companies have been redesigned and streamlined into one
cohesive document to make it easier and more efficient. The American National Standards
Institute (ANSI) A300 specification guidelines are essential for arborists, urban foresters,
horticulturalists, landscape architects, and contractors.

“This new format will enhance the understanding and application of the standards to support
both seasoned and newcomers to the field,” said Bob Rouse, SVP, Business Support, Manager,
Industry Standards, and Internal Compliance. “Now that they’re all in one document, there will
be only one review cycle (every five years) to help professionals better track any updates.”

New! As of January 1, 2024, both print and digital copies are available for purchase. The new
digital format is available through the TCIA Brightspace platform and features videos,
animation, interactive assessments, and the online A300 Pruning Standards course which can
earn you 9.25 ISA CEUs!

Some of the other key changes include:
· New maintenance and monitoring recommendations to improve professionalism and
defer maintenance responsibility away from companies and to the tree owners.
· Improved clarification around palm pruning with new standards for frond removal.
· Updates around indiscriminate mechanized tree cutting.

The cost for the new standard will also be cheaper than purchasing all the standards

Click Here for more information about the ANSI A300 Tree Care Standards.