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Give your business a competitive edge with membership in TCIA, the only non-profit national trade association dedicated to advancing tree care businesses like yours.

Your membership will help you be a more safe, successful and sustainable company by helping you:

  • Be a trusted and credible tree care company.
  • Recruit and retain qualified and safety conscious workers.
  • More easily manage your employee training with a customized training solution.
  • Keep up with changing regulations and safety guidelines.
  • Increase efficiencies and eliminate risks.
  • Gain access to a community of peers to share ideas.

Want to learn more about membership in TCIA? Get a free business consultation with a TCIA member engagement manager.

Here’s what to expect when you join:

  • 1

    Fill out a Self-Assessment Form to assess your strengths and weaknesses in six professional domains to see where you need support.

  • 2
    Support Conversation #1: Your Member Engagement Manager (MME) will contact you and provide a targeted list of products and services that will support you.
  • 3
    Support Conversation #2: How’s it going? Your MME will check in with you to ensure your critical needs are being met and help you move to the next domain.
  • 4
    Ongoing Support: TCIA will be your continued ally as you work to advance your tree care business. TCIA is just one step away from strategy, services and support! We’ll help you focus your time and effort where you need it.
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As a member, you’ll receive these benefits right away:

  • Discounts on online training and other products and events.

  • A customized training solution to organize and manage your online learning.

  • Access to networking and exclusive mentorship programs.

  • Industry advocacy updates to stay a step ahead of evolving regulatory issues.

  • Personal support on TCIA’s six domains of business to help you reach your goals.


TCIA members are commercial tree care businesses.  Members must carry General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance (if there are employees).

Companies who supply, services, and equipment to the tree care industry can also join as a corporate member to increase their visibility and build your brand. CLICK HERE

Fun fact: When your company joins, your entire staff become members and can take advantage of all the membership benefits of member-only pricing on products and events and more!

Membership Types:

1. Tree care companies in the United States:


to email TCIA at

2. Tree care industry supplier, manufacturer or service provider:

Join TCIA as a Corporate Member! Receive great member benefits, plus preferred booth rates at TCI EXPO, exceptional advertising opportunities, and more!


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3. Tree care companies outside of the United States:


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Municipalities, Urban Foresters, Utilities,
Consultants, Arboretums & Universities/Colleges
are Ineligible to Join