Has one of your employees gone above and beyond to ensure safety and prevent a severe accident? Have they taken the initiative to teach their fellow crew members safer practices? Nominate them now for a TCIA Safety Award and bring prestige to your company name and recognition to your employees’ careers!

Nominations for the TCIA Safety Awards recognize outstanding actions in the previous calendar year.

The TCIA Safety Awards are a testament to exemplary performance in two essential areas:

  • The Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance Award honors individuals or crews who have demonstrated heroic reactions in emergencies, going the extra mile to ensure safety and prevent potential accidents.
    To submit a nomination for the Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance Award, click here: SUBMIT HERE
  • The Outstanding Company Contribution Award celebrates TCIA members who have taken a proactive approach to addressing safety issues through their well-thought-out and implemented safety programs.
    To submit a nomination for the Outstanding Company Contribution Award, click here: SUBMIT HERE

Show your appreciation to those who prioritize safety and deserve recognition. By nominating your employees for a TCIA Safety Award, you acknowledge their exceptional efforts and demonstrate your company’s commitment to promoting a safe and secure work environment.

Let’s celebrate those who make a difference and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Join us in honoring the individuals and companies dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards within the tree care industry. Please take this opportunity to highlight the outstanding achievements of your employees and your company by nominating them for a TCIA Safety Award today!