Calling all CTSPS!  Did you know that you can earn more than 50 CEU credits at TCI EXPO ’22 and the pre-conference events?

Also, when you purchase an All-Access Pass, it gives you access to all the digital sessions until December 31 so can still gain credit for any sessions that you weren’t able to attend.

After hearing your feedback, we crafted a special session designed just for CTSPs:

Get the Butterflies in Formation: Effective Presentation Techniques

In this session, you will learn to identify and plan your delivery techniques to make your presentation run smoothly. Physical presence, tone of voice, gestures, movement, managing appearance, and conquering stress are covered as well as some tips for organizing your material. Join us and get those butterflies to fly in formation.

For your convenience, here is a list of all the workshops that qualify for CTSP credentials.:

Pre-Conference Sessions

Wednesday, November 9

  • Advanced Business Leader Workshop – 4.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Crew Leader Qualification (English and Spanish) – 7.5 CTSP CEUS
  • Electrical Hazards Awareness Program – 7.5 CTSP CEUs
  • Sennebogen Workshop: Evolution of Tree Work through Mechanization – 2.5 CTSP CEUs

Note: Pre-conference sessions are not included in the All-Access Pass. Click here to register for the pre-conference events.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

  • Get the Butterflies in Formation: Effective Presentation Techniques – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Creative Applications for Tight Quarters Rigging & Aerial Friction – 1.5 CTSP CEUs
  • Safety Culture Takes on Group Think – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • What You Need to Know About Utility Line Clearance Tree Trimming – 1.0 CTSP CEUS
  • Careers in Arboriculture – 1.0 CTSP CEUs

Friday, November 11, 2022

  • Crane Crew Operation – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • One-Handing Chainsaws: Is it Faster? Riskier? Part of the Job? – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Cultural and Efficiency Excellence – Using Personality – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Grapple Saw Panel Discussion – 2.0 CTSP CEUS
  • What Incidental Line Clearance Arborists Need to Know – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Arborist Safety Update – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Multiplier vs Diminishing Leadership 0 CTSP CEUs
  • The Sharp End of the Rope – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Load Distribution in Rigging Operations – 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • IVM: It’s Not Just for Utilities and DOTs – 1.0 CTSP CEUs

Saturday, November 12, 2022

  • Technical Tree Felling Principles 1.0 CTSP CEUs
  • Seven Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying – 1.0 CTSP CEUs

Trainer’s Labs: (Earn .5 CEUs for each lab)

  • The Magic of Rigging Friction in the Canopy
  • Types of Work positioning systems / Pros & Cons of MRS / SRS
  • Anchor Points
  • 5 Knots Every Arborist Should Know
  • How to Tie, Dress, and Set Knots
  • Proper Work Positioning and Limb Walking
  • Work Positioning on a Spar / Starting and Cutting Methods on a Spar
  • Canopy Anchors

Tree Demos: (Earn 1 CEU for each demo)

  • Tips for Trolley Rigging
  • Maintaining A Climber’s Body Over the Years
  • Deep Dive into Mechanical Hitches
  • Aerial Rescue Basics
  • Climb Smarter: 5 Tips to Extend Your Career,
    Efficient Canopy Movement
  • Advanced SRS Techniques/Work Positioning
  • Mechanical Advantage Has the Advantage
    Navigating Your Way Through the Canopy
    Moving Rope Systems