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Episode Summary

On this episode, we sit down with Casey Jones and Kirsten Locke and talk about how their friendship started and what role they both play at this year’s Women in Tree Care Pre-Conference Workshop.

About Casey

Casey has a background in fine arts and found digital art to be the natural next step. Her tree climbing themed work is inspired by the passion and strength she sees within the arborist community. A natural-born artist, Casey utilizes her creativity to stay grounded. She gains much of her inspiration from her certified arborist husband, her daughter, and her pets.

To learn more about Casey’s work, visit her Instagram.

About Kirsten

Kirsten is a certified arborist, professional tree climber, and health coach. She co-owns a tree care business called Koala Tree that specializes in technical tree removals and trimming. Kirsten is passionate about empowering other women in tree care and creating connections, support, and positivity within the Arboriculture community. She also created a Mobility for Tree Workers Program that focuses on mobility, strength, and recovery.

To learn more about Kirsten’s work, visit her Instagram.

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