Analyze your company and improve your employee recruitment and retention efforts

Looking to see if your company is on par with the industry when it comes to benchmarks for revenue, expense, net profit, wages, and benefits?

Look no further – The 2023 benchmarking and compensation survey is here!

Evaluate and compare your company! Find out where you stand in revenue, expense, and profit compared to the tree care industry. Our new federal Cost of Living Index (COLI) feature allows you to compare your company to other USA tree care companies working in locations with similar costs of living

Build a profile! Simply enter data and apply specific filters to drill down and create similar peer groups for meaningful data comparisons.

TCIA members must participate in this important industry survey to ensure a complete picture for industry comparison!

Access the survey here!

Get the Facts!

  • This survey will not be available to purchase. All members must complete at least 50% of the survey to gain access to the results.
  • Your login for the survey is not your login. This survey requires a separate account. Returning users should use the same login created initially.
  • Participated in prior years? Great news, your information has been saved and you can copy over data that has not changed to save yourself time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We added some great new features to our old wage and benefit survey, including:

A new, optional section for company financial and performance benchmarks for revenue, expenses, and profits.

A new, optional section on compensation transparency for companies that may need industry benchmarks in these areas for governmental and corporate contracting.

A new analysis feature that allows comparison of your company’s results to those of other companies that work in other areas of the USA with the same cost of living index (Federal COLI) as your company.

Yes. The end-user is to be able to run compensation and benefits benchmarking reports based on several customizable elements. Reports are downloadable in a variety of formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word and offer aggregate question by questions comparisons with your industry peers.

Yes. To ensure report integrity, for any question on the survey there will be a minimum of 5 respondents required to report on any specific data point.

The end-user will have access 365/24/7, and the data can be pulled as many times and in as many formats as the user needs within the annual subscription period. Users can download all the questions in the survey, with or without answers.

Yes. Once you establish a user account and participate in the full online survey, for each subsequent year (or anytime during the year that you wish to update any data), your previous data will have been saved. You will only need to update data that has changed, which will save you considerable time. There is also a feature that allows users to copy over the data from the previous year to save time completing a new survey year.

Please contact for assistance logging in. DO NOT set up a new username and account or you will not have access to historical organization data.

Click the following link to access your existing account or create a new account:

All personal data will be securely held and protected by Dynamic Benchmarking and subject to the General Data Protection Regulation.

Users will need to complete all required questions in profile section of the survey and 50% of total amount of the survey questions.

The survey results are not available for purchase. The goal of the survey is to make it an important tool for all members and not a source to generate revenue. We hope this policy will increase participation and help ensure the quality of the data.

Please contact with questions about the platform.

Please contact if you have any questions about the 2023 survey or how you can participate.