Part 6 – Planting and Transplanting

Part 6 – Planting and Transplanting2023-03-14T18:58:32+00:00

This part of the A300 standards applies to planting and transplanting trees, shrubs, palms, and other woody plants operations.

Part 6 Transplanting addresses:

  • Plant and site inspection
  • Timing of transplanting
  • Determining the root ball size (for transplanting)
  • Digging trees and shrubs
  • Transplanting
  • Lifting
  • Moving and Storage
  • Digging the planting hole
  • Planting woody plants
  • Planting container stock
  • Specific palm standatds
  • Post-planting care

A300 transplanting standards recognize four basic transplanting methods:

  • Balled and wrapped: Plants established in the ground that have been prepared for transplanting by digging so that the soil immediately around the roots remains undisturbed. The ball of earth containing the roots of the plant is then bound up.
  • Bare root (B.R.): Harvested plants from which the soil or growing medium has been removed.
  • Boxed: A method for protecting roots that includes digging a trench, constructing and installing a box around the roots, and then using the box to lift, transport, and install the landscape plant.
  • Tree spade: Equipment used to transplant large trees.

Advisory Notice

The correct planting depth of a tree is based on locating the trunk flare and being certain that the bottom of the trunk flare is at finish grade upon completion of the operation.

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