TCIA’s Core Values

  1. Be of Service
  2. Be Team Players
  3. Be Driven
  4. Be Adaptable
  5. Be Principled

Core Focus

Purpose/Cause/Passion: Advance Tree Care Businesses

TCIA’s 10-Year Target

To be the Essential Resource for successful tree care businesses by 2029

3-Year Picture


  • 2500 Active Members
  • 500 Associate Members
  • 1800 Engaged Members (1500 Active and 300 Associate)
  • 750 Accredited Facilities
  • 4,000 TCI EXPO Attendees

Enhanced Member Engagement through:

  • Marketing strategy that identifies distinct member segments and reaches them through unique channels, including online forums, tree climbing contests, etc.
  • 12,000 annual connections between members and dedicated member engagement and member experience representatives
  • Compile and review member satisfaction and needs data on at least an annual basis
  • Increase outreach to emergent ownership segments with a goal of 200 active members that are women/minority owned
  • Set the standard for industry events with 4,000 TCI EXPO attendees, 1,000 WMC/EAW attendees, 3,500 workshop attendees (including CTSP workshops) and 1,000 attendees at ASTI-sponsored events
  • Grow associate membership and engagement with a goal of increasing revenue from this segment by 10% annually

Address Member Needs by:

  • Recruit new workforce entrants by driving 7,000 unique registered applicants per year to our Career Center
  • Train a safe and efficient workforce with 250 companies registered as apprenticeship sponsors and 6,000 employees per year completing a TCIA training program
  • 150 or more independently qualified trainers available to TCIA members
  • 200 individuals enrolled in mentor/peer-to-peer learning programs
  • 10 new partnerships/programs that provide members with business solutions such as insurance, retirement programs, risk management, business transitions, etc

Raise Industry Standards by:

  • 750 Accredited facilities and 3,500 CTSPs
  • Increased use of the A300 and Z133 standards through more interactive formats
  • Adoption of a tree care industry-specific OSHA standard
  • Advocate on behalf of the industry with 250 connections with policymakers per year
  • Refresh TCIA’s publications, including 12 objective reviews/new product unboxings per year of tree care related products
  • 500,000 annual consumer impressions on the importance of hiring professional tree care companies