Electrical Hazards Awareness Program

TCIA has made some exciting changes to the Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP), which will affect EHAP-trained employees. These changes go into effect on September 1, 2022.

In summary, EHAP-trained employees will no longer have to purchase annual renewal products that only cover specific parts of the full EHAP course to maintain their active status. Instead, they will be required to complete the full EHAP course each year. This updated course will provide a much-improved learning experience and will be fully online, narrated for ease of learning, and serve as the industry’s best practice.

Please note:

  • After September 1, EHAP renewal products (Renewals 1-5) will not be available for purchase.
  • The EHAP program will be available at the same price. It will be considered the new program standard. The course offers open navigation, which means you can skip the tests, but all the updated content will also be available.
  • The Z133 will no longer be included with the EHAP product but is available for purchase separatelyAll the content related to electrical hazards in the Z133 is included in the EHAP course.
  • The enhancements to the new course include: The online EHAP is more interactive to improve the learning experience. The content can be fully narrated as well as the exams.

Questions and Answers:

Can I swap out my old purchase for a new one? No. But, don’t worry, you will be getting the latest and best full EHAP program each year you purchase EHAP training moving forward.

Will the full EHAP course be updated when the new Z133 comes out? Yes, any new related Z133 changes will be updated into the new course in real-time.

Will the older (renewal) courses be automatically updated? No, those courses will be retired and no longer available for purchase.

For more information, contact our customer engagement coordinators at 1-800-733-2622.

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